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I joined Clan ][)estiny and so should you! Clan ][)estiny

Welcome to Clan ][)estiny.  If you would like more information, then JOIN OUR CLAN!  StarCraft and BroodWar on USEast.

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News!Got some news? Send it here and it will be posted! Please include your E-mail address and account name

12/02/01 by][)arth_112
As of Today: My name is ][)arth_112 and I have been working on the site for a while. Today people can join the clan again. Would ][)evillord contact me please! If anyone has a html editor that I can download for FREE please let me know. This clan is not dead!

11/08/01 by ][)eath
ATTENTION CLAN ][)ESTINY MEMBERS: My Name is ][)eath and i was the first recruit of ][)warrior. I was the first person recruited into this clan.Now that I am the leader of this clan i have promoted ][)evillord and ][)arth_112 to High Templars they are now on my advisery council and will soon also be able to edit this webpage incase anything happens to any of us the clan will still go on.I think clan ][)estiny has a bright new future!!!If you are a clan member don't forget to post your thoughts on our great forum.That's All Folks.

11/08/01 by ][)eath
ATTENTION CLAN ][)ESTINY MEMBERS: You may have noticed that the clan has been all but dead for a long time, This is because I have been extremely busy with my schoolwork, college applications, etc. Since I am not likely to be free again within the next few months, I am hereby abdicating my position as Clan ][)estiny leader. I am relinquishing power and bestowing it upon the highest ranking member to contact me within the next two (2) weeks. If you are interested, contact me. I will give the position to whatever highest-ranking member contacts me. Please do not contact me if you are not capable of maintaining this website and the rest of the clan. The one condition that I place on the subsequent leader is that I be able to return as leader at any time in the future, if my time so permits. Let me know if you think yourself of sufficient rank and ability for this responsibility.

06/15/01 by ][)Warrior
You may be wondering why I put my name and E-mail address on this News post.  The answer is that now members will be allowed to write News articles.  Use the link up by the news graphic to send an article.  Please make sure it's fairly legible, but I will try to correct errors.  I won't post things that are pointless or stupid, so please try to make the news stories relevant and they will get put on.

06/15/01 Wow, we got nine more recruits today.  Props to ][)arth_112 and ][)aBsKilla for doing most of the recruiting.  If you haven't noticed yet, you've both been promoted.  By the way, two members will be starting a Diablo I and II Department of Clan ][)estiny (][)arth_112 and ][)iablo-1-2).  By the way, my finals went well for all of you who were asking =).  Everyone, keep up the good work.  When I saw that I had 11 clan E-mails I thought it was just some idiot who pressed submit too many times but it was actually separate people joining.
06/14/01 I just think it's a little weird that none of Clan ][)estiny's members seem to have ICQ.  Well, you guys should start doing it.  So from here on out, ICQ is the secondary mode of communication after chat/msging.  Add me to your list, my ICQ number is 37248890.  Oh yeah, and download ICQ if you don't already have it.
06/11/01 Well, my church's fiesta was this weekend so I was volunteering a lot, and now I have finals for the next three days [one in two hours, in fact].  Blizzard is still keeping bots out of private channels [despite the 4,135 signatures currently] making it very hard to keep an eye on the clan without constantly being in the channel.  If you haven't heard about this bot thing yet, please sign the online petition.  That's about all we can do at the moment.  Hopefully after Wednesday I'll be a lot less busy, but you never know.  By the way, if you come back here GrimReaper)()(, I'm a little confused about you wanting to be an ally.  I'll make you an ally if that's what you really want, but wouldn't you rather just join the clan?
06/06/01 I revamped the Web site and changed the format.  How do you like Clan  ][)estiny's new look?  Vote on whether you like it or not on the Clan Poll!  Be on the lookout for a cool new logo, because ][)eath.... has one in the works, and so far it looks pretty good.

Ahh, recruiting just got easier.  If you have a friend, co-worker, or relative who you want to recruit, just use the Tell a Friend form to recruit them!

06/05/01 As of yesterday (06/04/01), Blizzard has decided to limit bots to public channels like Blizzard Public.  This means no clan bot!  They just warned everyone on 06/03 and then put it into effect.  The only thing I have found that we as the community can do is to sign this online petition, which Blizzard gave a link to.  I have already signed it and I encourage all Clan ][)estiny members to sign it as well.  All clans need bots, so we all must unite--StarCraft, Diablo, and WarCraft Clans alike!  On a side note, all the May news postings got put into the archives since it's a new month.

Important Announcement:  This Clan is alive!  We have quite a few members on our list now, but nobody seems to know each other.  Try hanging out in the Clan room.  I know it's often empty, but if you don't stay there, neither will anyone else!!  Especially since bots are currently out of commission, we need dedicated players who play a lot and are in the clan channel [Clan ][)estiny if I haven't said it enough times].  Please chill there between games!  Maybe you will meet someone.  The Clan will be promoting members who are good leaders in this matter and help keep the Clan running.

Another thing:  There is the possibility of a Contest on the Forum page--please check it out!  If you support the idea, respond and we'll see what happens.

And more news... I may be setting up a mailing list in order to better communicate with the members of Clan ][)estiny.

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