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I joined Clan ][)estiny and so should you! Leader Area

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You are obviously a leader.  Welcome to the top-secret, classified, and confidential leader area where Clan ][)estiny holds all of its darkest secrets!  Wait, it doesn't really have any secrets... shit.  Oh well.  You can still download the Clan Tryouts map here and maybe some other stuff later on.

        -- ][)Warrior

Download the Clan ][)estiny Tryouts map (32k).  Currently this is just a map for up to a 2v2 game.  Make sure you use map settings (UMS) on it.  Oh, and you always end up in the player 1 slot but you should click the Clan ][)estiny Observer team to make sure you are there.  This map lets you view everything on the map right from the start, and you are just there to watch.  If you wanna see something cloaked, just use your invincible observer that starts out in the middle!  Oh yeah, and if something goes wrong, just fly the observer to the very far bottom left corner... This will end the game in a draw.  You will lose no matter who wins, but since it's UMS it doesn't count as a win or a loss.  It's uncompressed (.scm format) but you leaders are studs, you should be able to take it.  Now go recruit!!

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