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I joined Clan ][)estiny and so should you! About Us

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About Clan ][)estiny

StarCraft, Diablo, and Brood War Galore!

I am ][)eath, the new leader of Clan Destiny.  Welcome to the Clan Destiny web site.  Clan Destiny is a StarCraft, Brood War clan on  Our Channel is channel Clan ][)estiny, and it's open to anyone who wants to drop in.  Use the navigation at left to view the rest of our site.

Clan Destiny is a pretty new clan, but don't worry.  We're trying to get it to grow!  Probably you should use the navigation at left for your surfing purposes, but if you are trying to find the Forum then I guess I'll give you a link!  Post stuff in it for me to read because I am bored.

NOTE: On, this clan is called Clan ][)estiny [with a stylized D].  Whatever, ][)estiny, Destiny, it's the same thing.  But Clan ][)estiny is our channel.  I figure making it Destiny for the Web site will help it on the search engines [if that matters.]

I signed up for a cool new program called HumanClick.  It will allow you to communicate with me.  Use the icon to the left if you want to try it out.  It allows you to chat live with me or other Clan Leaders without downloading any other software!  [Although it's likely that it requires a newer browser.]  By the way, if you're wondering where I got my cool forum, polls, or this HumanClick thing, it's all from Bravenet.


There are many things that I, as leader, do in this clan.  I try to help the clan complete it's objectives (above).  However, there are also some things that I do not do in this clan.  I do not claim to be the best player on just because I happened to make a clan.  I also don't feel that I must be a truly perfect StarCraft player.  If there are players that are better than me or the other leaders in this clan, then good!  They make us a stronger clan.  I will not kick out members just to save face because they could beat me in a game.  I am more concerned about the strength of the clan than the strength of myself.  And primarily, I'm concerned that Clan ][)estiny be a fun environment for its members.  If you are looking for a clan where the leader bosses everyone around and has to act high and mighty and beat everyone in his clan just to feel better about himself, then you are in the wrong place.  This clan is not fascist.  If you have suggestions or criticisms about it, by all means let me know.  By participating in this clan you are not simply a number on a huge member list or a trophy for the glory of the clan leader; you are a member who can actively make a difference and make this clan a better place.  Anyway, I just wanted to make all that clear.  If this makes you change your mind about being a part of this clan, I apologize, but you really belong somewhere else.

Clan Objectives

To provide a safe, PK-free Diablo II hardcore environment.

To allow players a pool of friendly StarCraft / Brood War opponents.

To create clan StarCraft maps of which to be proud.

To supply a fun channel to hang out in between games.

To sanction in a democratic fashion whatever official events players might desire.

To allow players greater power of numbers on while preserving their autonomy and self-reliance [The sum is greater than its parts].

Most importantly, to have fun.

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