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I joined Clan ][)estiny and so should you! Join Us

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Joining Our Clan

Clan ][)estiny is currently recruiting members.  If you agree with the rules and have a positive attitude, you are eligible to join.  There is currently only one way to join.  You could...

  1. Use the form below to join the Clan.

Join Clan ][)estiny

Items in red are required, items in white are optional.

Name: Account:
note: this name
should be the one you
plan to use in the clan
E-mail address:
How you found our  clan:
Recruited by (if applicable):
Web site URL:
ICQ Number:
note: ICQ is mandatory for new members
is the official clan medium of
communication outside of : download it

  I would like a link to my E-mail address on the Members page
  I would like a link to my Web site on the Members page

Press submit and ][)arth_112 or another Clan ][)estiny leader will contact you through E-mail, ICQ, or about joining our clan.

A good way to rise in the ranks in Clan ][)estiny is to recruit people--and you should start as soon as possible.  You probably have a friend who plays StarCraft, right?  Why not tell your friend right now?  Click here to send your friend a message!

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