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Here you can download files related to StarCraft, Diablo II, or just in general.  Note about bots: To get an account, you must create the account you want for a bot using StarCraft or Diablo then quit and log in with the bot for that name and password.  If you want to run a clan bot, you should contact me for what name you should use.  Note: As of 06/06/01 you can't really run bots because Blizzard took them off of


Brood War 1.08 patch (2.3m) This is the latest version of Brood War.  You need to download it to play on  Normally, if you log onto it will download this patch automatically, but I posted it here because some people are having trouble with the download.
Registry Utility (>1k) This little thingy changes your registry in order to make sure that the next time that you log onto it uses as the server.  This is important because the clan is based on this server and if you want to interact with clan members it is often necessary to be on the same server [due to server splits].  Note that this is an official file from Blizzard [StarCraft / Diablo Company, for those of you who are confused] so it should be completely safe for your registry.  [I use it!]  Also please remember that you need to run this [very fast] program each time before you connect to
SCMProtector (2.7m) Clan map makers, please download this file.  There is a good reason for this.  Take this scenario for example: You make a great map and it takes you hours.  You make a game.  An idiot comes in, downloads the map, then leaves.  Then he takes 5 minutes to put his clan name on the map, and then he has the same map you made for five minutes of work!  Sound fair?  I think not.  If you use this program, it will make it so he cannot edit the map at all.  Here is what you must do: unzip this file somewhere, and read the instructions.  This is very important, because the instructions are very strange.  It is also a little time-consuming to protect a map, but well worth it.  You must follow the instructions exactly.  You will end up with two copies of your map, one for you to keep that is editable, and one for you to play on that is uneditable.  If you make an official Clan ][)estiny map, you may play it only with other Clan ][)estiny players until you protect it.  This is to prevent our work from being stolen.  Don't protect your map before it is perfect; get all of the testing out of the way before you release it to the public. 
SubBot v 1.55 (~1.5m) This is a nice bot with the best bot programming language I have seen.  It comes with some nice built-in features but the best part is that you can program your own cool scripts.
UltimateBot (1.4m) This bot is all right, it's good if you don't know much about bots and want an easy set up.  A bunch of cool features but not much programmability.


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