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This clan has a growing member base, but unfortunately many members are inactive lamers.  If you would like to help us increase the active member base, please use our join form.  The order of the ranks are listed below.  The Clan chose to rank by StarCraft Protoss unit names due to a unanimous Council decision.  The official statement of the Council was that "it sounds cool."  Anyway, most of the ranks have descriptions.  If they don't, then that means they have no special prerogatives above those of the previous rank.  However, they still have greater responsibility and power in the clan, regardless of specific abilities.

Member List

Colors are as follows: Red are leaders, yellow are intermediate, and green are lowest.  A white asterisk (*) next to a member's rank indicates a Council member.  Click for E-mail or Web site.  Multiple names indicate multiple accounts.  You may only have up to two clan accounts, the rest are invalid and will be banned from the channel. Acct Rank Date Recruits Contact Recruited by
>][)eath High Templar 11-30-01 2 N/A
>][)evillord High Templar 11-30-01 0 None ][)eath
>][)arth_112 High Templar 11-30-01 0 None ][)eath
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