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Clan Departments

Clan ][)estiny now has a few departments run by specific members. These members govern how parts of the Clan run, and have a degree of power. However, their decisions are still subject to the rulings of the High Council and the Leaders.

Recruitment Department

][)eath.... is the Official Manager of the Recruitment Department. As such, he is responsible for making sure that the clan is actively growing, not only through his own recruits but also by instructing other members to recruit as well. Other members, please assist ][)eath.... by recruiting members when he instructs you to.

Map Department

][)evillord is the Official Manager of the Map Department. He will decide what types of maps the clan would benefit from and create them. All maps will have to follow a specific naming and describing policy, which will soon be listed on the Map page. Furthermore, each map must be protected using the SCMProtector available on the Files page. Protecting the SCMs will prevent other clans from stealing them.

Diablo Department

][)arth_112 is the official manager of the Diablo department. He is in charge of both Diablo I and Diablo II management areas of the clan. Also he will decide if any contest or quests shall be held. If members of ][)estiny call for it, he will host some Diablo I or II tournaments and/or arrange them.  You can E-mail ][)arth_112 if you're interested in tourneys.  Also, people have been asking whether it is necessary to make a ][) name for Diablo since that means you will need to start over another character.  The answer is no; you can join our clan and just put some lines in your profile [click here for what you need to have].


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