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I joined Clan ][)estiny and so should you! Rules

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This page will not only give you rules, but also a feel of what Clan ][)estiny is about.  We are not a highly competitive clan, but rather a relatively laid back clan where people can come together to have fun.  With regard to Hardcore mode in Diablo II, the clan offers safe private games, free of Pkers.

To join this clan, you must agree with these rules.  By agreeing with these rules, you will create a fun environment for yourself and the for rest of the clan.

General Rules

1. Be courteous in games (e.g., no taunting).  This includes staying until the end of melee games in StarCraft and avoiding senseless or vicious PKing on Diablo II.

2. Keep the Clan Channel (Clan ][)estiny) clean.  This applies to excessive profanities, spamming, and soliciting.  Please do not abuse ][)estiny, our clan bot.

3. Disputes are to be arbitrated by a clan leader.  If no such leader is available, please do not argue in the clan channel.

4. General meetings will be held on a weekly basis on a day yet to be determined.

Diablo II Rules

1. Positively no PKing in HC.  Self-defense is obviously permissible but if you stay in clan games then you will not need to worry.  Note that PKing another clan member in HC will result in immediate expulsion from Clan ][)estiny, and PKing of other players may also result in severe punishment.

2. Trading, lending, and/or giving items to assist other clan members is encouraged, particularly in Hardcore.

StarCraft Rules

This clan's rules governing games on StarCraft are relatively laissez-faire.  Play with whomever you want in whatever type of games you want.  However, keep in mind that one role of the clan is to provide friendly opponents with which to practice.  These rules apply:

1. No backstabbing in games, especially against other members.  Backstabbing another Clan ][)estiny member will result in immediate expulsion from the Clan.

2. No hacking.

If you are hacked against or backstabbed by a clan member who tells you his clan, please notify ][)Warrior by using the !msg command in the clan channel.  He will further investigate the clan as a possible enemy.

Account Name Policy

Your name can probably remain the way it is.  In other words, we do not force you to add nametags to your account name.  A few things in your profile description is sufficient.  Although most names are acceptable, the clan reserves the right to disallow certain account names in extreme cases (e.g., names containing racism or other bigotry).  If such a person refuses to change his or her account name, then membership can and will be denied to that person.  If you would like to create a clan account, the format is to have the "destiny D" preceding whatever name you choose.  Examples: ][)Zergling, ][)Skull, etc.  You are not allowed to join this clan using an account which contains anything that is or resembles tags of another clan.  For example, account names of {SD}YourName or YourName~FS will not be allowed no matter what the letters stand for.

You dont' have to necessarily change your name, but in your profile, you must add these lines:

Clan ][)estiny
Rank: <your rank>
<any department positions e.g. Head of Diablo  Department>


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