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Any news older than the current month is stored on this page for your reference.

May 2001 News
April 2001 News


May 2001 News

05/26/01 I am the new leader of clan ][)estiny while we are currently small in numbers i hope to rebuild our clan to be stronger and better than it ever was before!!!.    v0.1
05/18/01 The clan has gained a number of new members, and continues to grow.  I would especially like to thank three members for their efforts today: ][)eath...., ][)evillord, and ][)arth_112.  These members help our clan grow and their endeavors are truly improving the clan.  Also, some departments have been established:  The Recruitment Department, managed by ][)eath.... and the Map Department, managed by ][)evillord.  For details, please look at the Members page.
05/17/01 .
05/16/01 I have updated the ranking system on the Members page, and now there are fifteen possible promotions, in three categories: .
05/15/01 .  . 
05/10/01 .  .  Tell me .  Also, Clan ][)estiny's official server is at this time.  Files .  .
05/09/01 Clan ][)estiny adding a new clan section for Vampire: The Masquerade?  What?  Oh, that was just a rumor.  I don't know anything about that.  I updated the forum section... Click here to revote!
05/08/01 Clan Forum, .  .  .  Oh, and there's a cool new Link.
05/02/01 We have a new ally!  Called Legacy of


April 2001 News

04/23/01 I added a new map: Lava Death v1.0.  It's a pretty good map.  8-players with enough resources and a nice ashworld tileset.  Check it out.  Made, of course, by Clan Destiny =).
04/21/01 I started work on the Web site that you are now viewing.  Any suggestions?  Please visit the contact page.  Added the Lava Bath v1.0 StarCraft map to the Clan Map page.  Hopefully some nice maps will be coming soon.  Maybe an 8-player map?  Oh and also I added Rank descriptions on the Clan Members page.
04/20/01 Today Clan Destiny was founded by me--][)Warrior.  I appointed the first High Templar [Leader], ][)Magus.  Hopefully this Web site and a bot will help us promulgate our clandestine clan.
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